100% pure food grade
I take it almost every day, it’s great. Just 6 to 8 drops with juice or milk, with lemon juice is great. If you are sneezing or if you have a bad flu, cough, it’s great for you, it is not expensive. If you know anyone who has flu, cough or sneeze, send them to buy it from us. I take cash app and zelle, 100% money back guaranteed. It’s worked well .407-506-7889


100% pure food grade, Sincerely, it is very good for allergy. It’s not expensive and it is very safe for: Cough, Sneeze, cool, asthma, but it is not a Doctor medicine. I am telling you the truth. I take it almost every day because of this COVIS-19. I guaranteed you 100%, it’s working very good. Just take 6 to 8 drops with juice or milk. We accept cash; credit cards; cash app and zelle. Free shipping!
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