The 3 Coolest Dice Games of All Time

Casino dice games are often the first thing people think of when they hear the term “dice game,” but there are many other interesting dice games out there. Here we take a look at some of the most fun and exciting dice games ever invented.


Backgammon is an ancient game that has been around for hundreds of year. It involves rolling dice and moving the checker pieces in a clockwise direction until they reach their destination.
The action involves two player, a backgammon game board, 15 checkers and a pair of dice. The backgammon game board is divided into two equal parts per player: the outer part and 10 dollar deposit online casino the home part. Each part includes 6 triangles of alternate colors, for a total of 12 triangles (also known as points or pips). One player rolls the dice to move checker from his/her home part to the opposite side by rolling them along open points. But the player must sacrifice his/her turn if there are no any open points.
There are some general guidelines for playing chess, but there is so much more to learn than just reading these simple rules.


Yahtzee involves rolling five dice and trying to get the highest possible score by combining them into different combinations. You can choose to keep some of the dice for later use.
The game involves rolling dice, but the real action occurs on the score card, where players use the top section to track their rolls and the bottom section to keep track of specific combinations.
You can play Yahtzeefor yourself or with any number of people, as long as you’ve got enough score cards and dice.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese board game played with 6 dice. In modern times, it is often referred to as “Chinese checkers” due to its similarity to the Western game of Checkers. The game was originally called xiangqi (pronounced shangk’ee), meaning “the forty moves”, because each player had 40 turns before his opponent could make a move.

  • Place bets on one number.
  • Bet on two numbers.
  • Three Number Bets: Bet on the total of the first three numbers.
  • Pair bets: Bet on two numbers coming up at the exact same time.
  • A triple bet involves betting on three numbers coming up at the same time.
  • Bet on a total of 11-17 for a big bet or bet on a total of 4-10 for a small bet.

After placing their bets, the players roll the dice. Depending on how they land, you may win or lose. It’s that simple!


One of the most common dice games is Craps. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Craps is a game where players place bets on whether or not they think the dice will come up with certain numbers. The player throws the dice, and if he gets any number besides seven, he wins. Otherwise, he loses his bet. In order to play online craps, one needs to register an account with a reputable website such as Once registered, one can then make deposits and withdrawals.
The first roll is called the come-out roll. If a shooter rolls a seven or eleven during this roll, everyone betting on him/her wins. If he/she rolls a two, three or twelve, he/she loses. If he/she gets another number, he/she must roll that number again before winning. If he/she succeeds in rolling the same number twice, he/she stays on as the shooter in next round. If he/she fails to get the same number twice, then he/she passes the dice on to the following player.
It’s easy to learn and requires no special equipment, so it’s been played around the world since its creation and remains popular today.

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